Brush head BIW 259

  • Extra gentle CUREN filaments

  • Particularly small head

  • Reaches critical areas

  • Supports hydrodynamics

  • Developed by Prof. Dr. med. dent.Ulrich P.Saxer


The result of many clinical trials: the perfect bend allows the brush to easily reach and clean the rear molars.


The rubberised back gaurentees comfort while cleaning: the vibrations from the brush are passed on the tbristles, but hardly reaches the handle or the teeth at all.

Smart Button

Quick press: on / off

Press and hold: mode selection

32,000 vibrations per minute

Ideal for removal of dental caries and plaque

42,000 vibrations per minute

For cleaning sensitive teeth and sensitive gums

Promotes circulation in the gums

Intensive mode

Soft mode

Massage mode



The Black is White Hydrosonic is equipped with an extra-powerful battery: a week's worth of brushing without recharging. That's over 40 minutes of full power!

The device displays indicates when it needs to be recharged.

The bottom LED indicator lights up for one minute. Or it no longer lights up at all.

Charging is simple: Connect the XS charging dock to the end of the USB charging cable and connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB plug, laptop or mobile phone adapter.


Place the brush head half on the teeth, hald on the gums.

Close your mouth (or clean the bathroom after brushing your teeth).

Switch on the brush and let the bristles go to work. Brush from tooth to tooth, completely relaxed.

Hold the brush gently with just a little or no pressure. 30 second timer: In this time you have cleaned half of one row of teeth.

You can go longer, the timer is simply meant as a reference.



Black is White Hydrosonic


Black is White Hydrosonic smart brush heads

(BIW 259 smart)

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